Hogarth Collection

Rhythm, Texture and Contrast
Thematically, all of the photographs in this collection have strong elements of rhythm, texture and contrast. For me, when I am composing an image a pleasing rhythm combines repetition and scale. The blending of grain creates texture. Textures playing off each other give dimension and depth to the rhythm of the image. In these images I have used contrast as a formal graphic tool to lead the eye through the photograph.

All of the images were first captured on film, then scanned into digital files. My darkroom has expanded to my computer desktop. I have done colour correction and retouching for this collection digitally. My images were printed on archival piezography paper process that is very similar in quality to black and white fibre-based prints. As an artist it is very important to me to challenge the photographic qualities of digital images. For me the beauty of film is in the grain of the emulsion.

I have collected this images over the past five years. Some of them are local, but most were shot while travelling throughout North America.



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